How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Where to Shop Online

So Now You Know The Basics.

Lets Get Shopping!

Great! Now you know at least enough to make an informed decision. The next hardest part to figure out is where and how to shop for a ring. Where you shop dictates what styles you are exposed to, and what diamond selection you get to see. Finding the right retailer is a great first step so you can put all of your new hard earned knowledge to use.

Buy Online, Save Some Money

When I was shopping for a ring, I’d see a jewelry store in a shopping center and walk in to browse. I had already been shopping for diamonds and band styles online, and realized that the retail selection they had in stores were often underwhelming. I noticed was that the on-site diamonds were often a very poor value for money. The diamonds they had on premises were often yellow, discolored, included (internal and external flaws), and just plain ugly. I couldn’t understand how physical stores could carry such terrible inventory. Then later on I figured it out.

The Problem With Retail Stores

Ever wonder why Amazon has cheaper prices than big box retailers with giant storefronts? There’s actually a ton of reasons Amazon is cheaper (i.e. because the folks at Amazon are wicked smart), but one of the biggest reasons is because Amazon doesn’t have the cost burden of stores. So many of Amazon’s competitors need to pay rent and mortgages on storefronts, and guess what, they pass that cost on to you! Yea, not that great. And while its not a big deal to spend a 50% markup on a $1 bag of chips, paying a 50% markup for a several thousand dollar diamond ring is a big deal. 

Bottom line: Don’t be a chump. Get the best value for money. And to do that, you should buy your engagement ring online.

James Allen

The Largest Online Diamond Retailer

James Allen is another well known name in online diamond retail. James Allen is also a mostly online diamond retailer, reducing the overhead costs so that the company can provide better quality at lower prices.

Shopping on James Allen is also pretty easy. The drop down menu prompts you to design your own engagement ring.

Picking a diamond is also pretty simple, with these easy settings that help you narrow in on the quality and budget you are aiming for.

Picking a band is equally pretty easy, with an intuitive guide which shows you different band options.

And many, many more…

James Allen is just one great players in an emerging online marketplace. Know any other retailers that deserve to be featured here? Let us know in the comments below!

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