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Cut – The 4 C’s of Diamond Shopping


Traditionally this is the last of the 4 C’s but I like to talk about it first because its the easiest. For most people, they are probably thinking about getting a “round” cut diamond. This is the typical diamond everyone knows, and chances are your mental image of a diamond is one that looks round when looking at it from the top down, and comes to a point at the bottom.

My Opinion:

  • For a majority of engagement ring buyers, the classic round cut diamond is probably the right style. 

  • Other than the round cut, the “princess” cut (i.e. square cut) is sometimes a great alternative engagement ring diamond cut.
  • If you really must have something other than round or square, you should do your research and really know what you’re doing.
  • For God sake’s, don’t get the heart cut. Just…don’t…It may be cute today, but it won’t be great to look at over decades of marriage. 

You should probably buy round or princess cut diamonds, but feel free to browse the other cuts. In my opinion the other cuts are suitable for other types of jewelry, but aren’t what most recipients of an engagement ring want or expect.

In addition to the classic round cut and princess cut, there are around 7 other well known diamond cuts. Check them out in the chart below.


One other consideration of diamond cut are facets, which is just a fancy word for how many faces there are on your diamond. Facets help your diamond to sparkle, as additional faces on the diamond redirect light passing through. My personal opinion is that facet style and count is really a minor factor in diamond shopping, because most diamond retailers have competitive facet styles and counts. The impact of facets is something worth being aware of, but wasn’t a major factor in my diamond search.

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bakshijoon • February 10, 2019

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