How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Color, Composition, & Carats – The Band

Band Color, Composition, & Carats

To start, its good to figure out what you want your band to be made of and what color it will be.

  • Composition (Gold or Platinum) – In terms of composition, the options are really gold or platinum. There isn’t a right answer, but platinum is more durable and considered more luxurious. One thing you’ll want to think about is matching the color of the engagement ring to the wedding band later on to give your fiance the option of wearing them together from time to time.
  • Color – In terms of color, there’s really two options: platinum/white gold (roughly a silvery look) & yellow gold. You can see the two options below. There’s no right answer to this question, as it’s a matter of personal taste. However, it does seem that lately (2018) the platinum/white gold silvery is very much in vogue.
  • Carats/Purity – The purity of the gold or platinum that you choose requires some thought concerning durability and cost.
    • For gold bands, the higher the carats, the more “pure” the gold is (going up to 24 carats) however this makes the ring softer and less durable. 24 carat gold is more prone to dents, dings, scratches, and other general damage. Practical choices for a durable ring range from 10 carats to 18 carats, with fewer carat bands being duller but more durable, and higher carat rings being more brilliant and damage prone. My Opinion: Try to get around a 14 carat band. 
    • For platinum bands, purity is measured in ratings going up to 1000, with common purities ranging from 800 to 999. Platinum is pretty durable, so lower purities generally tend to be less brilliant, and higher purities more brilliant, but durability doesn’t suffer significantly. My Opinion: Try to get at least a 900 purity for ring brightness.
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