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Carats – The 4 C’s of Diamond Shopping


This is probably the quality of a diamond you’ve heard about the most. Essentially carats indicate the size of the diamond. To be precise, a carat is about 200 milligrams of a diamond. To be more practical, a 1 carat diamond will typically be about 6.5 millimeters across. That doesn’t sound like much, but (in my opinion) a 1 carat diamond is a really respectable rock to put on a ring. To put things in perspective, a 2 carat diamond is about 8.2 millimeters across. Doubling the carats of the diamond doesn’t double the diameter. Something to keep in mind.

Now you might be tempted to buy the biggest diamond you can buy, but there are some other factors to consider:

1. Buy a diamond that can be worn comfortably.

Once the diamond reaches a certain size, it becomes to big to wear comfortably on a day to day basis. In fact, it may become a nuisance to your partner to have a big rock dangling off their finger all the time. If you want your future spouse to wear this diamond daily, then you’ll want to get a comfortably sized stone. If you care about the person who will eventually need to wear the ring, think about how to make it a comfortable experience. If you want to just get the biggest diamond you can to show off, then ignore the following advice.

My Opinion: A 1 carat diamond is big enough. If you HAVE to go bigger, any diamond that is larger than 2 carats will be uncomfortable to wear. Think of 2 carats as a practical upper limit for the diamonds you’d consider buying. 

2. Balance carat size against the other diamond qualities (i.e. the other C’s).

Don’t just go for the biggest diamond. A great diamond is one that has good marks across all the 4 C’s. If you have any budget at all (and most of us do) then you’ll have to make some tradeoffs to get a diamond with beauty across multiple dimensions.

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