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Adding More Diamonds: Halos & Sidestones

More Diamonds: Halos and Sidestones

So for the most part, all the options and images I’ve shown you up til now showed a classic “solitaire” diamond ring, which is a fancy way of saying a ring with one main central diamond. Now quite a while back someone came up with the idea of enhancing the look of a central diamond by adding smaller diamonds in and around it. Here’s the major ways smaller diamonds are used in band and setting design.

Halos – Halos are a setting design that adds a circle of small diamonds surrounding the engagement ring’s flagship diamond. It has the effect of adding a lot more sparkle to ring without adding a whole lot more in price. It can also make the central diamond appear larger. Here’s an example of a halo setting around a round cut diamond.

My Opinion: I generally don’t like halos. I think they lead to an imbalance of attention in the ring and prevent light from entering the flagship diamond in the center. Also, I just feel like halos are over doing it. Keep in mind, its just an opinion.


Sidestones – Sidestones are small diamonds (or other stones like rubies or sapphires) which are set into the band of the diamond. They line the band as it wraps around the finger. Styles can include just a few small diamonds on the band, to covering the entire band all the way around. Keep in mind though, that sidestones can affect how comfortable a ring is to wear, so if your goal is to buy a ring that’s comfortable, they might not be the best choice. Take a look at this ring with sidestones.


My Opinion: Sidestones done well can enhance a ring’s class and beauty. They can be overdone however, so when in doubt, show restraint. I think a ring with 3 sidestones flanking the flagship diamond looks fantastic.

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